Curriculum Vitae
Saeid Farzaneh, MD

dr farzaneh
Address: Anesthesiology Department, Shariaty hospital, Isfahan, IRAN
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Born: Isfahan, IRAN – 1961

1983-1990 MD from Medical University of Isfahan (MUI)
1990-1993 Residency of Anesthesiology in MUI

Training Courses:
2011 Hyperbaric Medical Team Training (HMTT) at international ATMO, Nix Medical Center SanAntonio, Texas, USA
2011 Wound Care Course at International ATMO, Nix Medical Center SanAntonio, Texas, USA

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2009 untill now: Technical Manager of Bahar HBOT Medical center Isfahan, IRAN

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1999-2005 Head of Anesthesiology ward in Shariaty hospital
1999-2005 Head of ICU ward in Shariaty hospital
1996 Untill now: Associated proffessor of Anjesthesiology at the Medical School of Najaf Abad

Member of UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society)

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1993 M. A. Attari MD, S. Farzaneh MD. A comparison between Furosemide & Manitol to reduce intracranial pressure of brain at Kashani hospital, Isfahan, IRAN
2002 S. Farzaneh MD, S. Shafizadeh MD. The evaluation of preoxygenation before induction of Anesthesia in cesarian section on neonatal Apgar at shariati hospital, Isafahn, IRAN
2002 S. Farzaneh MD, A. Ash.ary MD. The evaluation of Intravenus Lidocaine before laryngoscopy and intubation during induction of Anesthesia at shariati and Al-Zahra hospital, Isafahn, IRAN
2001 S. Farzaneh MD, A. Rezaei MD. The evaluation of Halothane effects on liver function tests after choleystectemy at shariati hospital, Isafahn, IRAN
2001 S. Farzaneh MD, N. Shafaa MD. The evaluation of Enthonox analgesia on normal delivery at shariati hospital, Isafahn, IRAN
2000 S. Farzaneh MD, N. Khavarian MD. The evaluation of sore throat and it’s ethiology in intubated and non-intubated anesthetized patients after recieve succinyel choline at shariati hospital, Isafahn, IRAN

Curriculum Vitae


Address:    Anesthesiology Dept. A1-Zahra Hospital Sofeh Blvd, Isfahan, I.R.Iran.
Contact:    +98 31 36300117
                ma_attari @
Born:    Tabas, Iran-1956
Marital Status:    Married, 2 daughters, 2 sons

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In order to meet the needs of patients with chronic wounds in Isfahan relying on a large number of specialized scientific References such as Miller (Anesthesia) about the Hyperbaric therapy, Dr. Mohammadali Attari in private section aimed to stablish Bahar Hyperbaric Oxygen in 2008, suppling to monoplace oxygen chamber.
After introducing Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Medical gases conference by Tehran Atlasin company and presentation of HBOT by Dr. Saeid Farzaneh, this kind of treatment has implemented in Isfahan in 2009 and Dr. Farzaneh started to treat patients with chronic wounds.
As this basic science in IRAN needed to improve and existing scientific sources was not enough to treat the patients, Dr. Farzaneh registered in UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) and passed some HBOT course in order to get related certifications in wound care and HBOT.
After implementing UHMS standards, this center gaind to licenses from the ministry of health and medical education of IRAN in 2010.
This center also has offered HBOT training course for residents of Isfahan University of Medcal Science (UMS) and residents of Tehran university of aerospace and undersea.
Website of this center ( consist of definition of wound care standards and indications, with photos of treated pations in BAHAR HBOT center.


                                                                    All of BAHAR center patients


  Other UHMS indications Diabetics
No. of Patients %57.52 %42.48
No. of sessions %39.03 %60.97
Average sessions per patient   9.91   20.99


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