Curriculum Vitae


Address:    Anesthesiology Dept. A1-Zahra Hospital Sofeh Blvd, Isfahan, I.R.Iran.
Contact:    +98 31 36300117
                ma_attari @
Born:    Tabas, Iran-1956
Marital Status:    Married, 2 daughters, 2 sons

1974-81    MD from Medical University of  Isfahan (MUI)

1984-87    Residency of Anesthesiology at MUI

Training Courses:
2010    Observation ship in neuroanesthesia and neurointensive care, UCLA (University of California Lose Angeles), USA

2000    International Symposium Satellite of 6th Congress of Pain Clinic in Tokyo, Japan

1998    Administration of Total Intravenous and Inhalation Anesthesia for Intra and Extracranial, Neurosurgical Procedures on Adults, Hanover, Germany
Training Course on Mechanical Ventilation in ICU Wards, Switzerland

1989    Fellowship, Applied Health System Research in Thailand and Malaysia Sponsored by W.H.O

Responsibilities and Professional Experiences:
2007-Present    Director of  Neuroanesthesia Fellowship Program in MUI

2004-2006    Head of anesthesiology ward of Fayz hospital (Affiliated to MUI)

2001-2002    Head of ICU Ward at Kashani Hospital, (Affiliated to MUI)

2000-Present    Associated Professor of Anesthesiology at the Medical School of MUI

1998-2001    Vice-Chancellor of MUI for Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Affairs

1995-98    Chairman of Anesthesiology Dept. at MUI and Head of Anesthesiology Ward of Al-Zahra Hospital (Affiliated to MUI)

1990-94    Head of Anesthesiology and ICU Wards of Kashani Hospital (Affiliated to MUI)

1987-90    Chairman of Anesthesiology Dept and Head of ICU Ward at Amin Hospital (Affiliated to MUI)

1987- 89    Vice-Chancellor for Research at MUI

1982-83    Managing Director of Isfahan Province Health Network

1981-82    Director of Fereydan District Health Network

1988    Executive Director of International Workshop of Psychiatric Health, Eastern Mediterranean Regional Organization (EMRO)

2004-Present    Member of anesthesiology National board of IRAN

1999-2008    Member of European society of Anethesiologists

1998-2001    Organ Transplantation Council at MUI

1997-2000    Member of Anesthesiology National Board of Iran

1998-2000    Member of Research Council at MUI

1989-90    Iranian Society of Scientific and Therapeutics of Chemical Injured patients

1992- Present    Member of Iranian Society of Anesthesiologists

1987-91    Member of Research Council at MUI

Editorial Board:
1998-2000    Journal of Research in Medicine (MUI)

1994-98    Journal of Isfahan Medical School (MUI)

1994-Present    Editorial consultants of Journal of Iranian society of Anesthesiology and intensive care

2011    M.A. Attari MD, S.A. Mirhosseini MD, A. Honarmand MD, M.R. Safavi MD. Spinal anesthesia versus general anesthesia for elective lumbar spine surgery: A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Research in Medical Science (JRMS) 2011: 16(4): 524-529

2009    M.A. Attari MD, M. Soheilipoor MD. Comparison of the pain intensity in the first and second eye cataract surgery
5th world congress ;World institute of pain-WIP; New york, USA, March 13-16, 2009

2008    Mehdi Nematbakhsh, M.A. Attari, …; Measured vs. calculated plasma osmolality in infants and head injured patients in critical care units
Clin Exp Med LETT © AKADEMIA Medycyny 2008; 49(4): 211-214

2005    M.A. Attari MD, Shahrokhi MD, A. Khosravi MD, S. Asgari MD, N. Sarraf-Zadegan MD, H. Jamshidi MD. Knowledge, attitude and practice of Iranian physician about smoking
4th world assembly on tobacco health, New Delhi, India

2003    M.A. Attari MD, M. Ansari MD.; The comparison of intra ocular pressure changes after laryngeal mask airway and endotracheal intubation during general anesthesia

2001    M.A.Attari, MD et al.; Principals of  Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

2000    M.A. Attari MD, Kh. Naghibi MD, M.A. Seyedain MD. Restless Control in Pediatric Anesthesia, Midazolam Vs Sodium Thiopental

2000    M.A. Attari MD, M. Jabalameli MD.; A Comparison between Two Methods of Blood Loss Estimation During Surgery presented to the 6th Iranian Congress of Anesthesiology & Critical Care.      

2000    M.A. Attari MD, M.A. Afyooni MD. A Comparison Between Efficacy of Salt Solution 0.9% & 1.8% Administration & its Efficacy of patients Homodynamic under Spinal Anesthesia up to T 10

2000    M.A. Attari MD, P. Sajedi MD, Heidari MD. Evaluation of Holly Quran's Voices on Anxiety & Vital Signs of Patients in Preinduction Stage.

1999    H.A. Soltani MD, M.A. Attari MD. Anesthesia in Separating of Ischioupagus Tetrapus Twins

1999    H.A.Soltani MD, M.A. Attari MD, A. Ghorbani MD. Oral Vs  Intranasal Midazolam Administration for Premedication in Pediatrics

1999    M.A. Attari MD, P. Sajedi MD, M. Naghibi MD, M.A. Sayedain MD. Comparison of   Midazolam & Thiopental Na for Induction of Anesthesia in Tonsillectomy

1998    M.A. Attari MD, Sh. Aram MD. The Evaluation and Comparison of Delivery Pain with and without Entonox Inhalation in Labor at Beheshti Maternity Hospital, Isfahan Iran 1997 – 98.

1998    M.A. Attari MD, M. Nematbakhsh PhD. Plasma Osmolarity & GCS, (Calculated & Measured Osmolarity in head Injuries), Journal of Isfahan Medical School.

1997    M.A. Attari MD, H.A. Soltani MD, J. Hashemi MD. Differential
Diagnosis of Stiff-man Syndrome by Spinal Anesthesia, The Journal of Research in Medicine (MUI).

1997    A. Heidarpour MD, M.A. Attari MD. Comparison of Induced pain through Intravenous Administration of Propofol by Different Methods (With Cold Normal Saline or Cold Propofol and Xylocain), Winter 1997- Kousar Journal of Medicine.

1997    M.A. Attari MD. A Comparison between 1.8% Sodium Chloride and Isotonic Solution in Brain Edema Journal of Research in Medicine.

1996    M. Nematbakhsh PhD, M.A. Attari MD. A Comparison between Hyper tonic and Isotonic Solutions after Circulatory Shock on Lab Animals.

1995    M. Nematatbakhsh PhD, N. Soltani MS, M.A. Attari MD. Hyper tonic Lactated Ringer s Published in Medical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran (English).

1993    M.A. Attari MD, S. Frazaneh MD. A Comparison between Furosimide & Manitol to Reduce Intracranial Pressure of Brain at Kashani Hospital, Isfahan Iran.

1993    M.A. Attari MD, M. Nematbakhsh PhD. A  Comparison of tow Criteria for Blood Transfusion of Elective Surgeries. Presented to The 3rd Congress of Iranian Congress of Anesthesia & Critical Care.

1991    M.A. Attari MD. A Comparison between Intravenous Xylocain Vs Spray Administration in Blood pressure Changes Tracheal Intubation of Brain Tumors, Presented to The First Iranian Congress of Anesthesia & Critical Care.

1991    M.A.Attari MD. The Investigation of Conducting Rate of Patints' Fluids Critical Care.

1991    M.A. Attari MD. The Investigation of Conducting Rate of Patints' Fluids (Blood, Sweat, Urine, Saliva) and That of Operating Room Staff.

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