Patient is a man that has been challenging with Diabetes for 14 years under the close doctors supervision and medication through antidiabetic dietary. During this period, a man suffers diabetic neuropathy which causes him not to feel the entering nail into his palm. From this time he affected of 2 centimeter long and 1 cm diameter wound into his palm. From this time, he was cured with insulin. Palm injury has been treated with common medications so far, but was not effective.



He visited us on 04/10/2009 and from the time he has been under Hyperbaric treatment. After about 10 sessions, his palm and toes started to feel touch and pain.




with the consecutive debrides depths of wound recovered little by little and became less.


At last, after 38 sessions of Oxygen Hyperbaric, covering bandages continuously with the modern special methods, some sessions of surface and deep debridement


and patient’s attention to the wound was apparent due to the care taken by him for his feet for not making any pressure and using stick patient was released on 16/11/2009 from Bahar Oxygen Hyperbaric center.




translated by: tmense group